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hoggo the hedgehog looking to the distance
Our Vision

Creating The Industry Standard For B2B Trust

hoggo's vision is to revolutionize B2B trust and compliance by creating the global standard platform for streamlining privacy and security assessments. We envision a future where companies can efficiently establish, showcase, and verify trust with their business partners, enabling accelerated growth and reduced risk.

Our Mission

Empower Companies To Build Trust Faster and More Efficiently

By providing an end-to-end solution that automates compliance processes, eliminates manual work, and leverages advanced algorithms, hoggo simplifies trust-building in B2B relationships. Our 360-degree approach ensures that companies can maintain the highest standards of privacy and security while focusing on their core business.

hoggo the hedgehog holding a flag on a hill
Privacy Professionals and IT Specialists

Our Amazing Team

Samuel Solberg

Samuel Solberg

Co-Founder & CEO
iapp certifications

Noa Kahalon

Co-Founder & COO
iapp certifications

Toni Stjepanovic

Co-Founder & CTO
aws certifications

Marc Illien

Chief Front-End Magician
Head of Hedge-ucation


Chief of Hedge-ucation
hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

Roland Züger

Chief Full-Stack Wizard

Our Advisory Board

Aner Rabinovitz

Aner Rabinovitz

Founder & CEO @ PrivacyTeam
Lance cottrell

Lance Cottrell

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor @ North Bay Angels, Founder Institute, and ‘Feel the boot’

A Letter From Our Founders

As technology races forward, our privacy is more at risk than ever.
Governments are continuously adjusting their privacy laws to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.
But for many companies, staying on top of these changes is a real struggle. Understanding what they need to do, figuring out the risks, and protecting people's personal data can be like trying to hit a moving target.
You might be building a great product, but it is not enough anymore.
When pushing privacy aside in favor of new features and capabilities, your success will only last until the following privacy incident.
At hoggo, we believe that privacy isn't a lost cause. And we think it should be easy to understand for everyone—individuals and companies alike.
Our job is to make sense of all the rules and risks, so you can get on with what you do best.

Be innovative, but stay smart.
XO hogglers