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Automated Vendor Monitoring

Stop learning about data breaches from headlines. Get real-time alerts on policy changes, new sub-processors, and potential risks before they become problems. 

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vendor monitoring


New sub-processor? Changes in policies?
We know all about it.

We monitor your vendors daily so you can sleep peacefully at night. You'll be notified if we spot any changes in policies, data breaches, or sub-processor changes.

Meet Global Compliance Standards

Automated vendor monitoring is your key to maintaining compliance and security across multiple fronts. By continuously overseeing your third parties, you effortlessly meet the requirements of major data protection laws like:

while simultaneously upholding the standards of crucial security certifications such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, and PCI DSS.

monitoring compliance
my vendors

Vendors, Third-Parties & Partners Management

Don't get lost in a sea of vendors and shared data. Manage all your vendors in one place with and stay informed about the data you're sharing to minimize risks.

Stay In Control. Ensure Ongoing Compliance.

automated assessments

Automated Vendor Monitoring

hoggo conducts AI assessments to evaluate a company’s trustworthiness and inherent risk, and automatically monitors to trigger reassessments as needed.

hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

Comply With Art.30 (GDPR)

Need to share your Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)? No problem. hoggo allows you to maintain and export your vendor RoPA with ease, saving you time and hassle.

Simple Vendor Management

Manage all aspects of your third-parties, partners and vendors and significantly reduce your company’s risk exposure. Maintain ongoing compliance with My Vendors.

The First E2E Trust Platform

hoggo streamlines the third-party assessment process for both buyers and sellers. Sharing compliance information has never been easier.


Questionnaires Are So 2023...

Eliminate the manual processes, spreadsheets, long wait times, and back-and-forth of the assessment process with a hoggo’s powerful AI assessments.

Consistent assessments based on industry standards (GDPR, NIST, FAIRP)

Automated reassessments

With hundreds of vendor risk profiles (Passports) live, and counting!

hoggo passport
hoggo the hedgehog in white

Take control of your vendor management.