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Boost Customer Trust With Trust Hub

Security and privacy due diligence are slowing down your sales funnel?

Display your data practices with hoggo, build customer trust and complete vendor privacy due-diligence 37% faster.

share privacy passport

Build trust and close deals faster.

With hoggo's TrustHub, you can showcase your company's privacy practices, eliminate manual assessments and boost customer trust.

Trust Grade

In-depth Risk Profiles

Automated Assessments

Reduce Vendor Approval Time By At Least 37%

With hoggo, you don't have to waste time and resources on vendor privacy assessments and tiresome due diligence processes - all you need to do is share your company's Privacy Passport and Trust Grade.

privacy passport
competitive advantage

Outshine Your Competitors

Privacy is becoming a core expectation among 89% of consumers. By claiming your company's Privacy Passport and improving your Trust Grade, you can win your competitor's clients.

BuildCustomer Trust.
Close Deals Faster.

With Trust Hub, B2B companies doesn't have to waste time on constantly undergoing vendor privacy assessments. They can focus on generating trust and closing deals by claiming their Privacy Passport.

  • Shareable Privacy Passports & Trust Grades
  • Close More Deals By Boosting Customer Trust
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Boost Customer Trust. Close Deals Faster.