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Trust Hub -
TripAdvisor for Data Privacy

Assess vendors, compare them and engage with trustworthy ones. It's like TripAdvisor for data privacy.  It's free, easy to use and ensures your vendors aren't putting your company at risk.

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Easily identify and assess vendor privacy risks

With hoggo's TrustHub, you can identify, assess, and minimize privacy risks associated with your vendors, partners, and third parties.

Trust Grade

In-depth Risk Profiles

Automated Assessments

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SpotHigh Risk

Protect the data your vendors have access to.

Browse hoggo's vendor directory to find trustworthy vendors and streamline the vendor review and due-diligence process without compromising data privacy.

  • Comprehensive Vendor Risk Profiles
  • Browse and Compare Vendors
  • Find Trustworthy Vendors With Ease


hoggo allows department heads to make informed and objective decisions when selecting new vendors or assessing current ones. This enables them to understand why one vendor poses a greater privacy risk than another.

  • View Trust Grade and Privacy Passports for hundreds of vendors
  • Discover risky third-parties and find alternatives
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vendor monitoring

AutomateVendor Monitoring.

hoggo's Privacy Passports are always up-to-date, thanks to our monitoring systems that monitor vendor policy changes and data breaches. Keeping up with third-party threats is an ongoing process, which can be automated with hoggo.

Safeguard YourBrand Image.

By managing vendor risk effectively, you can prevent reputational damage and lost business from downstream data breaches. Additionally, you will be able to build customer trust easily and build long-lasting business relationships.

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Don't let your vendors risk your company.