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With hoggo's AI-driven transparency, you can effortlessly demonstrate compliance, eliminate compliance bottlenecks, and gain competitive advantage.

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Trust-minded organizations choose hoggo:

hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

Don't let lack of trust stunt your growth

hoggo uses AI to streamline vendor assessments and build customer trust, making both sides of the process more efficient, smarter, and trustworthy.

Build Trust. <br>Fast and Easily.

Build Trust.
Fast and Easily.

Claim your company's passport and share it with prospects to showcase compliance.

What Are You Waiting For?
The Ultimate Trust Center

The Ultimate Trust Center

Embed the Passport as a Trust Center to provide your customers with all the information they need.

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The Power of the Network

The Power of the Network

With hoggo, buyers and sellers can exchange compliance information on-demand

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Maximize trust, minimize bottlenecks.

automated assessments

Automated Vendor Assessments

hoggo conducts AI assessments to evaluate a company’s trustworthiness and inherent risk, and automatically monitors to trigger reassessments as needed.

compare vendors

Become The Trustworthy Option

With the hoggo’s Trust Hub, all the information about a company’s privacy and security  posture is just a click away, removing headaches for sellers and buyers.

sub processors list

Automated Sub-Processors List

With hoggo, you can always keep your list of sub-processors up-to-date, ensuring that you comply with GDPR obligations.

The First E2E Trust Platform

hoggo streamlines the third-party assessment process for both buyers and sellers. Sharing compliance information has never been easier.


Eliminate Compliance Bottlenecks

Showcase your company’s privacy and security posture to shorten your sales cycle by skipping manual assessments and questionnaires.

Enhanced client trust which leads to faster deal closing

Enhance the Passport with an FAQ section

Gain sales ennoblement Passport insights

compliance bottlenecks

Assess, Manage, Monitor.

Maintain ongoing compliance and control with My Vendors.
With hoggo, you have centralized control and overview of your vendors, data flows and related risks.

hoggo notifies you of any changes to vendor policies, sub-processors, breaches and practices.

Find risks before they find you with a single view of your supply chain, partners and sub-processors.

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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

Let hoggo Handle the Tedious Work

Let hoggo's AI do the heavy lifting and populate your company's Passport, based on existing resources.

With hoggo, you're set up and ready to shine in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Claiming and sharing your company's Passport is 100% free. We only charge for premium features such as vendor management, vendor monitoring, embeddable Passport, enhanced Passport, etc. Check out our pricing page.

With RAG Fusion AI, hoggo extracts relevant information from public policies, populates a vendor risk profile, and calculates a Trust Grade based on an algorithm we developed. This algorithm takes into account the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), NIST Frameworks and academic research like FAIRP. Read more about our methodology here. 

If you can’t find a company on Trust Hub, you can simply request it and we will add it usually within 24 hours.

We will notify you as soon as it’s live. If it’s your company you can then claim the Passport and provide missing details which will likely improve your Trust Grade.

Just start typing the name of the company, and if it doesn’t show up, click “Request new vendor”

In order to claim your company’s Passport you need to sign up with an email address that has the same  domain of that company. Once you’ve done that - all you need to do is click “Claim Passport” on the Passport. Read our guide for more assistance.

In order to edit your company's Passport, you'll need to claim it first (see above). 

By clicking "Edit," you can provide more information. The more details you provide, the better the Trust Grade is likely to be. 

You can embed your company's Passport on your site as a Trust Center. 

First, claim your Passport and provide more details to improve the Trust Grade (see above). 

Next, click "Share" and then "Embed". You can choose which fields you want to show. Please note that you need an active subscription for this feature, but you can try it for free for seven days. 

If you don't have a subscription in place, you can present your Trust Grade on your site or Privacy Policy and include a link to your Passport on hoggo by using the shareable link. 

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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments