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Aren't you tired of lengthy risk assessments?exhausting questionnaires?privacy due-diligence?untrustworthy vendors?compliance bottlenecks?security due-diligence?sale delays?

hoggo's AI-driven transparency allows you to evaluate third parties' privacy and security practices, demonstrate and improve compliance, and secure a competitive advantage.

100% Free, no credit card required.
We don't have access to your company's data.

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hoggo vendor risk assessments
hoggo vendor risk assessments
hoggo vendor risk assessments

Don't let lack of trust stunt your companyโ€™s growth

hoggo makes compliance easy and transparent, so you can build a trustworthy businesses

Compare And FindTrustworthy Vendors

Compare And Find Trustworthy Vendors

Take a look at a vendor's Trust Grade and Privacy Passport on hoggo for a detailed risk profile and industry-standard assessments.

Assess Your Vendors
Free Your Sales Team From<br> Privacy Bottlenecks

Free Your Sales Team From
Privacy Bottlenecks

Claim your Privacy Passport, showcase privacy efforts and shorten your sales cycle by skipping manual privacy assessments and due diligence.

Start Now. It's Free!
All Barriers Have Been Removed

All Barriers Have Been Removed

hogggo does not require any to access your database and offers a free tier. It's time to automate privacy assessments and boost trust.

What Are You Waiting For?
Automated Vendor Monitoring

Automated Vendor Monitoring

Your vendors are monitored daily so you can enjoy peace of mind. You'll be notified if we spot any changes in policies, data breaches, or sub-processor changes.

Get Automated Monitoring

Maximize Trust, Minimize Risks.

hoggo vendor risk assessments

Demonstrate Trust & Compliance

Demonstrate your data practices, expand to new markets, and close deals faster.

Claim and share your Passport, free your sales cycle from compliance bottlenecks and build customer trust.

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Find Trustworthy Service Providers

Assess and compare vendors in one-click and ensure they are not putting your company at risk.

Spot high-risk vendors with ease and find low-risk alternatives.

Manage & Monitor Your Vendors

Ensure you have a clear picture of what personal data your vendors have access to and how they use it.

This, combined with automated monitoring on any policy change, sub processors or data breach, provides you with everything you need.

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Questionnaires Are So 2023

hoggo provides all the information you need about the privacy and security postures of any vendor. With hundreds of vendor risk profiles and counting!

It's time to ditch the spreadsheets and manual assessments.

hoggo vendor risk assessments

Building Transparency With AI

Privacy professionals and AI systems work together to achieve better results.
Our unique AI model is trained by and reviewed by privacy professionals to automate privacy risk assessments.

Without hoggo ๐Ÿ‘Ž

When conducting assessments

Waisting resources on non-effective risk assessments

Lack of collaboration between teams

Manual risk monitoring and management (if any)

Inefficient and inconsistent vendor assessments

When undergoing assessments

Answering lengthy questionnaires to close a deal

Lengthy due diligence processes leads clients to reconsider or seek alternatives

Loss of business opportunities

With hoggo ๐Ÿฆ”

When conducting assessments

Automated risk assessments and risk profiles

Easy collaboration between teams

Automated vendor monitoring and management

Consistent and comprehensive vendor assessments

When undergoing assessments

Sharing your Privacy Passport with your prospects

Faster deal closing due to enhanced client trust

Gain a competitive edge by showcasing compliance

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Grow with trust. Join hoggo.


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hoggo vendor risk assessments