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Marketing Risk Radar

Avoid costly fines and brand damage by understanding and mitigating the risks associated with your marketing campaigns.

We don’t have access to your company’s data (beyond sign up information),
and we have industry-leading security measures.

Exclusive Solution

Better and Safer Marketing

Risk Radar is a dynamic way to identify and mitigate potential privacy pitfalls before they become an issue.
Marketing activities are scored instantly using a risk prioritization algorithm.

Input your campaign information

Get a risk score

Mitigate risks and protect your business

Avoid fines

Reduce the risk of hefty fines and brand damage by using Marketing Risk Radar.

Mitigate risks

Get clear action items and mitigation steps that reduce risks.

Boost results

Safer marketing doesn't necessarily mean fewer conversions, it means more quality.

Expand globally

With Marketing Risk Radar, you can asses applicable privacy risks in any country.

Better Decisions

With our risk insights, you can make better decisions and launch better campaigns.

Build trust

Risk Radar ensures your marketing meet your customers' privacy expectations.

hoggo privacy risk management platform - risk evaluate
Better decision-making

Prioritize changes based on risk severity and potential impact

Our sophisticated risk score algorithm doesn't just focus on applicable global privacy and marketing laws (like GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA, CPRA, APPI, CPA, VCDPA, and others) but also factors in the potential impact and probability of each risk or possible fine associated with non-compliance.

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Early Release

Establish trust and launch better campaigns.

If we told you that you could avoid fines and damage to your brand while building trust with your prospects and customers, what would you say?