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Aren't you tired of
lengthy questionnaires?security due-diligence?compliance bottlenecks?vendor assessments?privacy due-diligence?untrustworthy vendors?

Using hoggo's AI-driven transparency, you can instantly assess and compare third-party privacy and security posture, and manage and monitor their compliance.

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We don't have access to your company's data.

Trust-minded organizations choose hoggo:

hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

Don't Let Your Third-Parties Risk You.

hoggo uses AI to streamline vendor assessments and build customer trust, making both sides of the process more efficient and trustworthy.

Automated Monitoring

Automated Monitoring

Whenever hoggo spots any changes in policies, data breaches, or sub-processor changes, you'll be notified.

What Are You Waiting For?
Spot High Risk Vendors

Spot High Risk Vendors

Use hoggo's Trust Grades and Passport for a detailed risk profile and industry-standard assessments.

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The Power of Network

The Power of Network

With hoggo, buyers and sellers can exchange compliance information on-demand

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The New Standard For Privacy & Security Assessments

automated assessments

Automated Vendor Assessments

hoggo conducts AI assessments to evaluate a company’s trustworthiness and inherent risk, and automatically monitors to trigger reassessments as needed.

hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

Comply With Art.30 (GDPR)

Need to share your Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)? No problem. hoggo allows you to maintain and export your vendor RoPA with ease, saving you time and hassle.

Simple Vendor Management

Manage all aspects of your third-parties, partners and vendors and significantly reduce your company’s risk exposure. Maintain ongoing compliance with My Vendors.

The First E2E Trust Platform

hoggo streamlines the third-party assessment process for both buyers and sellers. Sharing compliance information has never been easier.


Questionnaires Are So 2023...

Eliminate the manual processes, spreadsheets, long wait times, and back-and-forth of the assessment process with a hoggo’s powerful AI assessments.

Consistent assessments based on industry standards (GDPR, NIST, FAIRP)

Automated reassessments

With hundreds of vendor risk profiles (Passports) live, and counting!

hoggo passport

The Ultimate Trust Center

Embed your company's Passport as a Trust Center to provide your customers with all the information they need.

Eliminate compliance bottlenecks and close deals faster.

Gain a competitive advantage and boost customer trust.

hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

Building Transparency With AI

Privacy professionals and AI systems work together to achieve better results.
Our unique AI model is trained by and reviewed by privacy professionals to automate privacy risk assessments.

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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments
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hoggo third party privacy risk assessments

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Build trust with customers and ensure business relationships are secure and trustworthy.