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Simple vendor risk assessments

Get automates and streamlines evaluation of potential risks before granting approval for third-party vendors entrusted with processing your company’s personal data.



Stay in control

Receive alerts regarding changes to global privacy regulations or data breaches by vendors that could impact your company's personal data. Stay informed and actively oversee risks associated with third-parties.


Maintain compliance without knowing

Before you even realize all the legwork has been done, hoggo has all the documents ready for export and generation!

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Assessprivacy maturity with one-click

Reduce the amount of resources you spend assessing service providers.

With hoggo, you can view hundreds of companies' risk profiles (Passports) that provide you with all the information you need.



Stay in theloop

Keep track of third-party vendors with whom your company shares personal data and the types of data being shared.

Monitor vendor onboarding and offboarding processes, receive alerts on data breaches, and stay informed about legislative changes and updates.


Showcase your work

Use the Passport to build an stunning Trust Center, that you can embed and share everywhere.

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Onboarding, offboarding

Reduce the time and effort spent on internal assessments by staying informed about third-party vendor security measures.

Monitor the onboarding and offboarding processes of vendors, ensuring they meet your organization's security standards.




Receive real-time alerts on potential data breaches or security threats from third-party vendors.

Be proactive by understanding the scope of affected data and coordinating with the relevant teams to ensure minimal impact and swift resolution.


Privacy minus complexity

Constantly ensure that your organization's security protocols align with global data protection standards.

You don't need to be a privacy or a lawyer to understand privacy risks and requirements. hoggo simplifies everything you need to know.

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Showcase complianceeasily

Claim, share and embed your company's Passport and showcase compliance, documents and data flows with ease.

Add additional information to improve your company's Trust Grade and build customer trust.



Be ahead of the curve

Get a unique sync between vendor management and maintaining an updated sub-processor list with hoggo's vendor management tool, "My Vendors".

Stay ahead of global regulations with automated adjustments to new standards and export compliance documents to share with your clients.


Free your sales team from compliancebottlenecks

With hoggo, compliance assessments and questionnaire won't be delaying your sales cycle anymore.

Share and embed your company's Passport with customers and prospects to boost trust and close deals faster.

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A holistic riskoverview

Obtain a holistic view of all data privacy practices of the organization by maintaining a Privacy Passport.

Stay updated about which third-party vendors are involved, their compliance status, and the type of data shared, you can make informed decisions about potential risks.



Automatic updates

By maintaining a real-time update mechanism to the assessment processes, you can ensure that the organization's governance and risk strategies align with current regulations.

Risk factors


Act as a bridge between various departments like marketing and IT.

By understanding the risk factors associated with various campaigns and data transfers, provide comprehensive guidance to teams, ensuring the organization's governance standards are upheld.

marketing risk radar


No more spreadsheets

Get rid of the spreadsheets and inefficient communication between you, your clients, and the vendors they wish to onboard.

Save you and your clients time, money and resources by streamlining the process through a single platform, hoggo.



Stay in theloop

Get a tailored risk impact score based on the unique relationship with the vendor and risk mitigation strategies.

Manage your clients' data-sharing practices with third-party vendors via a dedicated source of information.


One-source-of-truth for multiple clients

Managing the privacy/security program of multiple clients? No worries.

With hoggo, you can easily manage multiple companies and have separated overview of all third-parties, risks and monitor notices.

marketing risk radar

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Average number of hours spent on compliance due diligence per year.

$2.1 Million

Spending on compliance due diligence on third parties on average per year.


of organizations lack centralized control over all of their vendors.

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